Community Grants

Up to 75 percent of net funds raised by our Affiliate are used for community grants. Since 1997, we have invested over $6 million in local breast health programs.

Any not-for-profit organization that provides breast health and/or breast cancer education, support, screening, or treatment services may apply for a grant. Grant applications are reviewed by an independent review committee who make recommendations for funding based on the Affiliate’s priorities that are derived from a community needs assessment. Grants are not guaranteed for any organization and each must reapply every year for funding.

One focus of our Community Grant Program is to address screening and treatment needs of uninsured, low-income women in Utah for breast cancer. We fund programs that address disparities in socioeconomic disadvantaged populations whether it is race, income, geographic location or education level.  Our grantees, using a continuum of care model, provide free or low-cost screening, treatment support and patient navigation to women in Utah who often have no other resources available to them. This continuum of care model ensures that anyone with an abnormal screen also receives a timely follow-up diagnostic test.  If that individual is subsequently diagnosed with cancer, they are assisted with applying for financial assistance for treatment.

In addition to screening and diagnostic services, grantees in Utah provide services such as transportation from rural areas, translation, home health services, financial and psycho-social support such as counseling, support groups, exercise, massage and healing retreats for those impacted by breast cancer.

The Affiliate donates the remaining 25% of its net funds to Komen’s national research grant program and a total of over $2 million in Komen grant funds have been awarded to the Huntsman Cancer Institute for innovative research.