Third Party Event Guidelines

Setting up a Third Party Event is simple!

  • Step one: Please read theThird Party Guidelines to answer your questions and give you some background info.
  • Step two: Fill out the Third Party Event Form at least 2 weeks prior to your event, if you are interested.
  • Step three: You will be contacted upon approval. Once the form is received, it will be considered for approval by the Komen Utah staff within 3 business days.

Please note that you may not begin promoting your event with the Komen Utah name/logo until you have a signed contract from the Affiliate.

Other Komen Information

  • Komen does not endorse products or services of any kind.
  • Because of IRS regulations, Komen is unable to assist with promotion or advertising of your company, event or product.
  • Use of the Komen logo requires a legal contract.

For the protection of the consumer, the Better Business Bureau requires that the antici­pated amount or percentage of the proceeds from sales to benefit a charity be posted at the point of purchase (i.e. $1 or 5 % of each purchase or ticket benefits X  charity).

Using the Komen name or logo
Komen’s logo is trademarked, and any use without express written permission is illegal. Use this Third Party Event Form to request permission.

If you are interested in hosting an event on our behalf, or have any questions, please contact or call (801) 733-4815.